About Julsy

Driven by a passion for the arts, Julsy has been performing for the last 8 years. This love affair began with pole, before eventually branching out into hula hooping and costume creation. Even before releasing her inner entertainer, Julsy has always felt at home on a dance floor. Music is a big part of her life, whether it be under the lazers of a club, bringing spinning to a doof or raising vibrations at a festival.

Connecting with ‘friends she hasn’t met yet’ counts as one of her favourite past times, with parties and events enhancing this energy. This feeling of community continues when she is back in the city and one of her most cherished experiences was organising a 2013 Sydney Mardi Gras float. Over 85 hula hoopers and performers came together to create a sea of spinning glitter and memories to last a life time. 

From the siren of the sea, to candy creations and the literally illuminating Fairy Godmother, Julsy is crazy for costumes. Each and every one is created from her imagination and a sprinkling of magic. And of course they all come with an element of interaction, ensuring plentiful opportunities to engage with those beaming beings around her.